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My Chemical Romance: Constructive Criticism
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This is a My Chemical Romance fic community mainly for writers
who would like advice, or critique in their writing.
It's a place where people can give their absolute honest opinion on a fic,
to help better the bandom, without being afraid of getting shot down.

1) First, you must know that you are not the greatest writer in the world.
Be open to constructive comments that come your way,
even if you disagree with them.

2) ANY type of fic is allowed,
as long as it's about MCR of course.
Do not be shy or think just because it's not popular,
you shouldn't post it.

3) Please use this format when posting a fic.

4) Please use an LJ cut when posting
or put a link to your journal if you wish, which must be unlocked!
Do not make people add you to read your fics.

5) If you read a fic, please take the time to comment your honest opinion.
What did you like about the writing,
or what did you think the author should work on?

6) Honest does not mean rude.
Saying "It sucks." isn't going to help the author improve at all.
And on that subject, saying "OMG I LOVE IT!" isn't going to cut it either.
Elaborate why you loved it.

7) Do not feel that just because it's a concrit community,
that you have to look for every little detail that the author could work on.
Because quite frankly, that's very annoying.

8) You may kindly reject concrit or defend in a respectable manner.

9) We also encourage people to post grammar rules that people often miss,
misconceptions about gay sex and the like.

10) NO DRAMA, PLZ. Haha, it's only the net. Chill out dude.