We All Get Together When We Bury Our Friends

Title: We All Get Together When We Bury Our Friends
Author: crossbow1
Pairing: None explicit
Rating: PG13-ish
Summary: They all get together when they bury their friends.
Dedication/Beta: mudrer_scene
Disclaimer: Hasn't happened yet.

Hey guys. This is one I posted back in July, but it's my favorite writing technique and I'll probably be using it a lot more and I wanted to get feedback on something specific: My objective is to use the characters names just enough that you can always tell who's speaking without it sounding unnatural, as people rarely use each other's names in normal conversation. Obviously *I* thought I accomplished it or I wouldn't have posted it, but I did get a few comments saying I overused the names and a few others saying it was too hard to tell who was talking. I know you can't please everyone, but I think it's slightly important in a story to be able to tell who's speaking so I need to be sure, ya know?

We All Get Together When We Bury Our Friends

They Don't Love You 8

Title: They Don't Love You Like I Love You [8/?]
Author: ohvick
Pairing: Mikey/Alicia, Mikey/Gerard, Gerard/SURPRISE
Rating: PG-13
POV: Mrs. Way (Alicia)
Summary: If I had done what I should’ve done, I wouldn’t have found out how very wrong I’d been and how much worse the situation really was.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these people, nor do i believe or wish that the Ways are anything more than superbrothers. Now that that's settled, let's pray that we don't go to hell for this. DX
Author Notes: I got this idea from when i was making a bowl of ice cream (with chocolate sauce and sprinkles) and my sister called me fat. -_- thanks skinny bitch. p.s. this is soooo not fluff.
Dedication: jujubescavities for putting aside all her morals and reading this. ILY! and for all those who read this story, because without you, I'd be writing for nothing, obviously.

This Picture.


my first mcr fic i'm in the middle of writing. chapters are pretty short and to the point. i guess.

On The Fringe Of Lunacy

Title: On The Fringe Of Lunacy
Author: roadkill_x
Pairing: Gerard/Bert
Rating: R
POV: Bert's
Summary: "Take All Of Me"
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the people mentioned in this story. I did not write Lunacy Fringe.
Author Notes: For those of you who have never been to Brisbane here is the so called 'Suncorp clock' mentioned in this story.
Warnings: Drug/alcohol abuse, suicide, kissing, swearing.

|1|Wake Up My Love
|2|I've Been Running On Empty
|3|Take All Of Me

As you'll see in the comments, all I got when I posted it on mychemicalslash was people saying they like it.
Personally I don't think it's that great so I kinda want some honest concrit. :)
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