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[FIC] My Way Home is Through You - GW/FI | GW/LB - PG

Title: My Way Home is Through You
Author: shira
Pairing: Implied GW/FI; GW/LB
Rating: PG
Summary: If only Gerard knew, he's Frank's only way home...
Dedication/Beta: *gasp* Unbeta'd, but I'm in the market for one, so... anyone?
A/N: Seriously, I'm looking for a beta who can check my work before I post more stuff. In this case, I've gone over this three times and already spell-checked so it should be good, but I'm sure I've managed to miss something. ALSO: I'm not new to bandfic, but new to MCR fic, so if I've made any glaring mistakes in regard to the band or its history/information, please let me know, because I'm that kind of a stickler for details.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money off this, just getting my jollies thinking about pretty boys because I can.

My Way Home is Through You
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